Installing guitar strap button on a classical guitar

How to install a guitar strap button on your guitar

Updated on 08/23/19
6 minute read

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In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to install a guitar strap button on a classical guitar.

This is a proven way and it works great.

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Before we start, a quick word – I recommend you go over the entire guide before you start installing a guitar strap button on your guitar. This will let you get familiar with all the stages in the process so you can evaluate whether or not it is something you can accomplish with your experience.

Bottom line, read it all before you start drilling holes in your guitar.

In any case, if you have any doubt, consult a professional and don’t follow the guide by yourself. This is brought to you for your entertainment and if you choose to do as I explain, it will be on your responsibility.

The full process on YouTube:



So the first stage,

Buy a guitar strap button

Here are a few strap buttons you can get on Amazon.

We are going to install the button on the body of the guitar. Later on, I will show you how to tie the headstock to the guitar strap[link to video/article].

The tools you will need

Installing a guitar strap button - tools needed

A Drill (I use Makita drill)

Drill bit with the same diameter of the button’s screw. Maybe a little smaller in diameter so the screw will bite against the wood.

Strap button.

Phillips screwdriver.

A small sticker.

A marker.


Mark the drill bit

Mrk the drill bit with the strap button

Here it is important to measure the length of the screw, including the button itself and then, mark the length of the screw on the drill bit using the sticker.

This is important so we don’t over-drill into the wood.


Find the middle of the guitar bottom

This is crucial since we need to drill the support wood blocks inside the guitar and not the thin body. The button will not hold if drilled to the thin body.

After you find the middle, use the sticker to mark it and offset a little to the side.

We do not want to drill directly on the seem since it may split the glue and they seem. Try to offset the drill hole to one of the sides.

You can watch a demo in the video above.


Drill the hole

Use the drill gently. The guitar wood is soft and not much force is needed.

Start very slow and pick up the speed if needed.

Make sure you don’t over-drill. Use the mark we set on the drill bit so you know when to stop drilling.


Install the button

After we achieved all the above, we can remove the sticker and screw the button using the screwdriver.

That is it.

You can watch the full process in the video above. Let me know if the tutorial helped you.

If you are wondering about how to attach the headstock to a strap, check out the following tutorial: