How to grow a pineapple - PART 2

how long does it take to grow a pineapple - 3 months update

Updated on 04/19/20
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Continuing my article on how to plant pineapple, It is now (5/2018) has been 3 months since I first rooted and planted my pineapple plant. 

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I would like to share an update with pictures of the pineapple. I will also share some key takeaway points. Read more to find out how long does it take to grow a pineapple and how to process looks like in pictures.



Here is the plant in its current state.

Pineapple with new leaves growing.

Healthy plant

The plant is healthy and growing well. 

The container is big enough and there is plenty of room for the pineapple plant to grow.

The plant is located in a well-exposed area and gets as much sun as it needs. 


The plant's leaves

On the plant, there are the old leaves. Those have a dry brown tip. 

Notice how the dry part didn't expand any further down the leaf, meaning the plant is not suffering and growing well. 


On the other hand, notice that there is a lot of new growth. 

This is a good sign, naturally.

New leaves are growing well, strong and with fresh green color. 

​​​​​​pineapple with new leaves growing from the center


The new growth is less noticeable on the old leaves, they barely grow, but stay in good shape. The new growth is emerging from the center of the plant.

Look for new leaves in the center of the pineapple, the place where the flower will eventually grow out of. 

Notice in the following image how new leaves are forming in the center.

pineapple plant - view from above



The soil

Pineapple in well drained soil

The soil should be good quality soil.

It should have good drainage. When you water the plant, make sure there are no pools of water remaining in the top layer of the soil.

The soil should retain moisture. Good quality soils usually posses those 2 characteristics.

The soil shouldn't show any signs of diseases and fungi growing on it. Those cause root problems and will make it hard on the pineapple plant to grow well. 

If the soil is new, no need for fertilizer for the first few months. Older soils may require some fertilizer.


Slips and suckers

I don't see any sign yet for growing suckers.

They don't always immediately grow. Maybe they will in the future. 

I recommend removing any slip or sucker and replanting them separately if you want to grow more pineapples.

Leaving them on the plant may cause a slower growth of fruit and a large increase in the size of the plant.


Pineapple plant care

As part of the update, it is important to address plant care.

One common way of taking care of your pineapple plant is to feed it. Give it some pineapple plant food. No matter if your plant is outdoors or indoors, a good fertilizer will provide all that is needed for a healthy pineapple plant to grow.

If not fed well, a pineapple might develop yellow leaves or brown leaves. Though the lack of fertilizer is not the only possible reason for that.

I feed my plant with water-soluble Miracle-Gro, all-purpose fertilizer. It is good enough for the pineapple. I don't see any need for a special kind.


How to fertilize

I usually mix the fertilizer in a small container, to make sure all the grains are dissolved. Then I pour the mix into the larger watering can.

Pineapple plant fertilizers contain minerals and elements that may harm the plant if they come in direct contact with the plant. Try to soak the soil without watering the plant itself.


How often should you fertilize you pineapple plant?

Well, according to some fertilizer brands, you can apply the fertilizer every 2 weeks. I think that for one plant is too much. Especially for a slow-growing plant-like pineapple. 

I recommend applying fertilizer every 6 months or so. In any doubt, follow the manufacturer's instructions.


Here is a video that describes the process:




When you choose your pineapple plant food, choose a fertilizer with good reviews. 


Water the plant regularly

I water my pineapple plant twice a week.

It may change. it depends on the climate and humidity. 

I keep an eye on the plant on hot days to make sure it is not thirsty.


Final thoughts

Everything seems to be going well so far. 

The pineapple plant is growing well, producing new leaves and maintains the nice fresh green color.

The soil looks ok. The plant is taken care of.

I hope it keeps this way in upcoming updates.

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