How to get rid of a couch

11 ways to get rid of a couch or old mattress

Updated on 11/24/18
5 minute read

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It can be quite a task to get rid of an old couch, mattress or any piece of furniture. 

Sometimes it is not so clear what is the best approach, what are the costs and what doesn't violates municipal regulations. 

I organized a list of ideas you can use, depending on your budget and spare time. Read more to find out how you can get rid of your old couch.


1. Good old municipal bulky item pick up

Well, this is the most common solution. 

In some [places, it is enough to leave the couch outside on a certain day, and a big truck passes through the neighborhood and picks up all the bulky items.

Other cases may involve a call to order that service. It may be free or not, depends on where you live.

Best thing to do in this case is calling your municipal of solid waste and ask how it works.

Cost: Usually free. May cost money though. 

Effort Involved: getting the couch outside your house.  


2. Recycle it

Recycling is good for the environment, businesses, sustainability and more. It all comes down to that it is good for you. 

his is a good solution that helps you getting rid of the couch and keeps the environment clean of unnecessary garbage.
Where do you find services as such? Just google recycle furniture around me and you will find a list of organizations that can help you. 

Cost: Depends on the service/organization. 

Effort Involved: Depends on the service/organization. 


3. Ask people around you

Spreading the word out is a great way of finding someone to take the couch from you. 

It may be someone from school, the university dorms, a neighbor, friend, family member etc. 

Make sure you tell them to ask their friends and in no time, someone surely will offer to take it. 

Cost: Free.

Effort Involved: None. 


4. Social networks. 

No need to emphasize how powerful are social networks.

Find a dedicated group/feed/wall/story/pins or what not to post your item online and let it do its magic. 

Cost: Free.

Effort Involved: Couple of minutes worth of work. 


5. Sell it

Do not hurry to toss it away. Is the couch in good condition? why not sell it? 

You can reduce the hauling price from its value, that way you get to earn some money and the buyer has an incentive to pick it up from you. Win-Win situation.

There are plenty of second-hand marketplaces online, apps, real shops, and services. 

Cost: You earn money!

Effort Involved: Online work and answering possible phone/emails. 


6. List the couch online, on "free stuff" sections.

This is a quick way to get people who focus on getting free stuff. Your list item will get the right attention. 

One good place is "free stuff" on Craigslist. You can also find many Facebook pages for free stuff.

How to get rid of a couch - free stuff list on Craigslist

Cost: You can earn money!

Effort Involved: Online work and answering possible phone/emails. 


7. Give it away to charity

Many charity organizations are looking for free furniture.

It is easy as googling "donate furniture" or "giving furniture to charity". You will find national and local organizations that will be happy to pick up your old couch. 

This is a great solution if you would like your donation to reach veterans, homeless shelters, theaters and much more.  

Cost: Free.

Effort Involved: Online work and answering possible phone/emails. 


8. Freecycle it

Freecycle is a network of people (millions) that keeps useable stuff out of the landfills. 

Basically, you signup, browse items or groups, and you can get stuff and give stuff for free.

I recommend checking it at

Freecycle your old couch or mattress

Cost: Free.

Effort Involved: Online work and answering possible phone/emails. 


9. Buying a new couch? Ask the haulers to take away the old one.

This is a common practice, especially with mattresses. At the time of purchase, ask the salesperson if the deal includes taking the old item. 

This may be completely free or reduce price since the haulers are there already. 

For example, IKEA offers such a service. I think it costs money, and for some furniture that you can buy from them, you get this service for free. 

Cost: Free or reduced price.

Effort Involved: None. 


10. Recycle it yourself

Well, this solution is not for everyone, yet still a valid solution. 

I have stumbled upon this solution on YouTube. The wood is then saved for firewood or other DIY projects, the fabrics, foam, and synthetics are used for other crafts and art projects or sold to such people who are in that field of arts and craft.

If you live remotely and can't get someone to pick up the couch, this might be the solution for you. 

Cost: Free and you can reuse the materials.

Effort Involved: Medium-High, also know-how. 


11. Hire a furniture removal service.

If you got the money and you prefer the more planned and controlled way, you can easily find a service as such. 

Usually, the will pick it up and dispose of it for you, all included in the price. 

The price depends on the furniture type, weight, its location in the house, the distance of your house from the landfill and more. 

It can be costly. 

Cost: Depends on the conditions.

Effort Involved: Almost none on your side. 


Final thoughts

With a little creativity and open mind, getting rid of your couch can become an easy task.

This works almost the same if you want to get rid of an old mattress. 

Donating is good for the community, the environment, for you and can also be used for tax deductions if you go through the right channels.

Good luck!