Best Beach Gear items for a perfect Beach Day.

27 Best Beach Gear items and gadgets for a perfect relaxing day at the beach.

Updated on 11/28/18
9 minute read

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A day at the beach is a perfect opportunity to relax and have fun with friends.

The sand, sun, people, and atmosphere that provides a break from the day to day life.

Going to the beach requires preparation. Some things for the beach are important to remember in order to maximize enjoyment. 

You always wonder what to bring to the beach?

I gathered the best beach gear and items and things for the beach list that I think is important when you go to the beach with friends, family or even solo. 


List of beach gear items for a perfect day at the beach


Solar charger

One of the things for the beach that is gaining more and more popularity, this solar charger will make sure your smartphone never runs out of battery. 

Quality solar chargers are waterproof and dustproof and can be useful for other outdoor activities. 

Thanks to this beach gear item, you will always have your music, camera, and light on the beach.

Big bonus if the solar charger is also a light source.


Beach Umbrella Hanging Hook

This cool gadget will help you keep your personal belongings sand-free, dry and last but not least, in the shade.

Hang your sunglasses, camera, mobile device, towel and more. The possibilities are endless. This is a must-have item in your beach gear list. 

Make sure you have the right beach umbrella for this gadget. It should be round and there should be a clear way for the gadget to on the pole. 


Sunscreen with bug repellent

Mosquitos, sand flies, and other insects can ruin a beach day. 

You can find yourself leaving a beautiful beach just because of bugs and insects, especially when the sun starts to set.

A sunscreen that combines a bug repellent is a great way to avoid those bugs and protect yourself from the sun. 

TIP: make sure you use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF protection.


Plastic beach umbrella table

If you are a beach umbrella fan and the umbrella hook is not enough your you, add this cool small table to your umbrella. 

It keeps your drinks and other accessories sand free and in the shade. 

A great solution for food and drinks. 

One benefit is the product is made of plastic which makes it lightweight and durable.

Make sure it fits your umbrella.


Hours of exposure to the sun's radiation can really take a toll on your body. 

It can burn your skin, dehydrate you and drain you of your energies.

Give yourself a rest once in a while under a well-shaded area so you can enjoy the rest of the day. This is an important thing to pack for the beach. Especially during peak summer.

Shade can be as simple as a beach umbrella, though I don't personally like this solution. 

I recommend tarp style shade or a pop-up beach shade. Click to see a tarp style shade example and a pop-up shade example. 


Beach blanket

The beach sand can be extremely hot. Using a beach blanket can minimize contact with the hot sand. Plus it can keep some sand away from you and your stuff which is also nice. 

Make sure you have a sand free beach blanket, a blanket that is easy to clean like this sand free blanket on Amazon


Waterproof mobile devices dry case

This is a great beach item for those who like their phone on them at the beach. 

Mobile devices fall from our hands, way more than we would like to admit. 

To prevent your phone from having a swim in the ocean or pool, seal it in this bag and make sure it stays dry for the next use. 

Tip: consider what size you may need. It can hold more than just a phone.


Full face snorkel mask

This cool beach gear item is designed so you have 180° view. Unlike other snorkel masks, with this one, you will feel like your view is natural and clear.

The mask allows the user to breathe through the mouth and nose, which is more natural. 

The large view angel will let you see every fish and sea creatures as if you wear no mask.

The GoPro camera mount will let you easily film the action If you are the type of person who likes to film the ocean depths and shows to friends.

The mask is designed with a separate mouth chamber to prevent fogging. 

There is a lot more to this full face snorkel mask. Check out more features on Amazon.


Waterproof pouch

This item is ideal for people who like snorkeling, boating, kayaking, fishing etc. 

If you need your stuff on you when your belongings might get wet, this is the perfect solution.

hold your car keys, sunglasses, phone, papers and documentation, money and more.

One cool thing about this pouch is that it floats. Even if it not strapped around your waist, and falls to the water from the boat, you can still get it back.

The pouch is solid and one of the models is translucent so no one will really see what is inside if privacy is important to you. 



If a long sit on the beach hurts your back (like me), I recommend bringing a chair with you. 

Chairs a great for relaxing at the beach. Check out the price of this beach chair on Amazon.

Make sure you have a comfortable chair that is easily carried and easy to clean. 


Beach umbrella sand anchor

This really useful beach item keeps your beach umbrella from blowing away. 

According to the listing on Amazon, the product can withstand winds up to 50MPH or 80KPH.

This product is made of durable plastic. This is an advantage in my opinion since sea water and even sea air is highly corrosive and will degrade metal parts.

The anchor fits a lot of pole sizes. I believe most common sizes.

The product is sturdy and will last a long time. 


Inflatable Lounger

If chairs are not your thing and you are looking for a more horizontal solution, this inflatable lounger can be great for you.

make sure you get a good one, that is easy to inflate and folds into a compact package.  


Beach bag cooler

Usually, I bring food and drinks with me to the beach. 

It is important for me to keep them cool and fresh. A good quality cooler can really make a difference. No beach day is the same for me without it. 


Can cooler

What about cans and bottles? Once they are out of the cooler bag, it is a race against time. 

I don't link drinking warm drinks at the beach. I like my soda cool. Click for an example for a can cooler on Amazon.

A good quality Can cooler solves that. Make sure it can also hold bottles.


Water bottle

We need to drink water at the beach. Good quality water bottles such as this one are a great solution for holding water, keeping it cool.

You can't pack your beach gear without a water bottle.

Some water bottles can also contain hot drinks, which is a plus. 


Sand coaster

This is great for when you are tired of holding your drinks and are annoyed by the sand that sticks to the bottom of the can/bottle. 

This sand coaster will solve that for you. It is also a plus when it works also on lawns.

Here is a set of sand coasters on Amazon you can check out.


Dry bag

Dry bags can be really helpful. You can put in the important items that you want to keep dry in any case like fresh clothes, electronics, personal documents and more. 

A big plus is that dry bags can be useful for many outdoor activities.

Dry bags may seem like an overkill for a day at the beach but for some, it is a must. They are usually not expensive. Check out the price of a dry bag.


Beach lockbox

Lockboxes are a great solution to bring to the beach for safely keeping your money, car keys, smartphone and more when you are going for a swim. Stop hiding stuff in your shoes.

Lockboxes are a perfect solution for beach thieves.



Lightweight beach lounger

A great solution if a standard beach chair is not enough for you.

Its design makes it easy to transport and set up. 


Beach camping gear

Beach gear for staying overnight at the beach. In addition to the beach gear I specified above, I would add the following items.


Mosquito/sand flies repellent

When evening comes, there can be a lot of mosquitoes and sand flies around certain beaches. 

They can really mess up your camping experience. 


Night time clothing

Temperature drops and bugs and mosquitos are a few reasons why you should have proper clothing for night time. 

Shirts with long sleeves, long pants, socks or whatever you think will help you keep your self-warm and bites free.



For food preparation, finding your way around your beach camping area or just for reading something, light is a must for a night on the beach.

Though it is widely common nowadays, I still recommend LED flashlight for more specific tasks and LED lantern for an area light.



Sleeping under the stars can be nice. 

If the area is bug-free, a floorless solution will be enough, like a sun shelter. 

If there are bugs in the area, I recommend a tent that will keep you free of the outside world. 

Couples may need some privacy. A tent is perfect for that.


sleeping bag

Depends on the weather, If it gets to cold, sleeping bag will keep you warm. 

Though sleeping on a blanket may be enough if the weather enables.




Fun things to bring to the beach

Best beach gear is not all about relaxing, shade and other necessities. 

The sand and space of the beach provide a great opportunity for games and activities. 

Here is a list of a few fun things for the beach.

  1. Good old freezby.

  2. Disc games - here is an example of a popular game. 

  3. Spike ball



To conclude

So, what to take to the beach?

Above I gathered some of my personal favorite best beach gear for a relaxing day at the beach.

Beach day is extremely fun, remember to take the stuff you packed for the beach, beware of too much sun exposure and drink plenty of water.